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Welcome to Mumbai

Mumbai, a Dream

Mumbai, the Indianised name of erstwhile Bombay, is the capital city of the Western Indian state of Maharashtra. The name Mumbai is associated with dreams, with the tinsel screen, with mind boggling lure of lucre and the hype is just not words. There are many rags to riches stories in the city and it is a big attraction of the city. Each day thousands of hopeful starry eyes add to the burgeoning population of the city, making it India’s first and world’s fifth most populated metropolis. Board the Mumbai local and you will be in complete agreement.

Mumbai, a Natural Port and Commercial Center

The beauty of this city lies in its geographical location and layout. The Western Coast provides this city with natural harbors which handles more than 45 percent of all cargo and passenger loads in and out of India. The commercial hubs of Indian economy, the Bombay Stock Exchange, the National Stock Exchange, the Reserve Bank of India and head offices of numerous local and multinational companies are located here. The Indian film industry, Bollywood is also the pride of the metropolis. Not long ago Maharashtra was Mumbai and Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Mumbai, a Growth Story

Mumbai has witnessed growth ever since the Indian Independence and today comprises of the Mumbai main town and Greater Mumbai, which includes the outer areas of Navi Mumbai, Kurla, Vasai, Virar and Thane. The region has witnessed an unprecedented development over the last decade. The influx of migrant workers and the opening of Indian economy have created a property boom. The US is facing a sub-prime crisis with falling property prices, whereas Mumbai it is the story in reverse. The property, commercialization, industrialization have had triple digit growth in the last decade. Mumbai shines and India shines.

Mumbai, the Dark Side

The growth, influx of migrants, vested interests of politicians, ill formulated policies have brought about haphazard development. There are plush multi million dollar apartments and filthy squalor of slums hobnobbing in close proximity. There are multi-million dollar jobs and bare existence. There are hospitals which charge thousands of dollars to save your life and goons to snuff it out for as little as $10. The red light districts with sex available for two dollars a night and the thousand dollars an hour socialite models in the Five Star hotels. The city is a city of extremes, and each passing day these extremes are drifting further apart. It is Amchi Mumbai (Our Mumbai).


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