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The initiative of setting up Indian Institutes of Technology was mooted much before the independence of India. The Government of India in 1946 received formal recommendations to set up four higher technology institutes for furtherance of technological advancement and education in the country.

IIT Mumbai. The technology institute in the western India was in the planning stage in 1957 and the next year Powai, a northern suburb of Mumbai with Powai Lake in the background became famous with the legendary technology institute of Mumbai. The first batch of engineering students numbered just 100. The sprawling campus of the tech institute with green hills, two major Mumbai lakes on either side extended well above 200 hectares. The Government of India in 1961 passed the IIT Act. The Powai Institute was granted the status of a University of national importance and powers to award technical diplomas.

Foreign Aid. The fledgling Indian State was provided financial aid to develop these technological institutes. The USSR Government, UNESCO and affiliated US universities developed the IITs. The initial course structures in IITs were based on courses run in foreign universities. The text books, laboratory equipment, visiting faculty and many more areas found the invaluable contribution from foreign universities.

Objectives and Goals. The IITs in India are the premier institutes with established traditions of excellence and creativity. The laid down objectives and goals of IIT, Mumbai cover the areas of research and higher studies along with organizing short duration technological courses. The institute is the premier in the development of leaders of tomorrow.

Sustainable Technological Development. The strong emphasis on fundamental sciences of physics, chemistry and mathematics with an overview of economics, philosophy and humanities ensures an over all development of excellence. The active integration of the IIT Mumbai with industry also adds to the practical relevance of technological development. This has also led to industry-education partnership for sustainable technological development.

After 48 years in existence, the IIT Mumbai can boast of its alumni in all spheres of Indian development. The IITB graduates, post graduates and doctoral students are CEOs of MNCs, researchers in ULCA or NASA, heading development teams in Microsoft, ORACLE, or IBM, IAS officers in the Indian government and even philanthropists in NGOs. The IITB is a brand name recognized the world over. If you are an IITian, you sure have arrived.

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