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The oldest stock exchange of Asia, the Bombay Stock Exchange or BSE is located on the aptly named Dalal (broker) Street. The change of name from Bombay to Mumbai has not been applied to the BSE as well the Bombay High Court. The Stock Exchange was setup in 1875 as an association and named “The Native Share and Stock Brokers’ Association”. Later the Exchange was recognized by the Indian Government and a permanent recognition was granted in 1956.

SENSEX. SENSEX is the benchmark index of the BSE. Many a puns are associated with the name SENSEX; the famous one is that there is neither SENSE nor SEX in SENSEX. And truly so, the recent senseless bull run in which the SENSEX has more than tripled in little more than a year making it the best performing market of the world. The dollar inflows in the capital market has made the stock market players richer but many exporters have closed their businesses due to strengthening rupee against dollar and other major currencies of the world.

SEBI. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has effectively regulated the operations of the BSE by making it a corporate body from the status of an Association of Persons earlier. The SEBI has also been instrumental in many stock and shares related reforms for better transparency regarding the company functioning and its profitability indices. The earlier notion that one who enters the stock market would one day be doomed has now been purged to a large extent.

Management and Vision. The Mumbai Stock Exchange is a professionally managed body. The members of the Board of Directors are eminent traders/brokers and professionals from the financial streams. The Board of Directors formulates policies and exercise complete control over its day-to-day operations.

Its vision to emerge as the leading Indian stock exchange of the country by launching new products and establishing global benchmarks is coming to fruition. Today the BSE has more than 6500 listed companies and it is the fifth largest exchange of the world. It also has infrastructure like the Convention Halls for holding Annual or other regular General Meetings for its listed companies. The Convention Halls are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to handle world class presentations, seminars and other events. Its central location in Mumbai and easy access from Chatrapati Shivaji Terminal or Churchgate and Mumbai Central makes it the right financial hotspot.

Online Trading. The BSE is linked over high speed data networks to more than 400 cities of the country. This online trading system known as BOLT is the backbone of the Bombay Stock Exchange. BSE trades in equity, derivatives and debt instruments. Though some stock scams do have hit the credentials of BSE in the past but it has been able to find the guilty and initiate actions against them.

Investor Guidance and Protection. The BSE has also taken initiatives in protecting the common investor by establishing helpline on toll free number 1600 22 6661 where most of the queries regarding investment, company details and various issues can be answered. It also has email and website support for investor guidance. Such measures would go a long way in building trust in the little dicey field of stock and shares.


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